Edit Screen Concepts
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Green Screen Wizard
Green Screen Wizard
Although the green screen algorithm use is very powerful there are times when you would like to erase something in the foreground so that you can see the background. Other times you may have some green that you would like to restore. The erase/restore editor lets you do that.

When the editor is invoked it will show three sliders. These sliders determine how large the brush is, how hard it is and how transparent. Once you have determined how aggressive you want your editing to be you can the select erase or restore from the choice bar at the top of the image.

If you select erase the first thing that will happen is the settings sliders will go away. Now where ever you rub your finger that area will be erased. If you lift your finger and rub again that more will be erased.

If you want to change the setting then touch the edit icon and the sliders will come back.

Follow the same procedure to restore.

Note: If you change any setting the image will be recomputed and all edits will be lost. You should save the photo after you do your edits.