Edit Screen Concepts
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Green Screen Wizard
There are two situations where you many need to edit the photo. Sometimes there is a blemish that is not removed by smoothing and other times the system thinks that hair or lips are skin and they get smoothed when they should not.

To fix blemishes, first press the select color section and then touch the skin near the blemish. Then touch Paint. The selection bar will disappear and now you can drag your finger over the area that you want painted over. Picking your finger up and putting it down again will add more paint to the area. To select a different color click the edit icon again and the selection bar will appear.

To restore the original photo, select restore from the selection bar. Rub over the areas that you want restored.

Note: If you change any setting the image will be recomputed and all edits will be lost. You should save the photo after you do your edits.